Olivetree Financial

Guiding clients through complex and atypical stock events

Olivetree Financial is our equity markets division, providing timely, differentiated and un-biased service to an exclusively institutional client base. We have built core expertise in a deep understanding of hard to model situations, combining a wealth of experience with innovative data analysis, to provide guidance and insight where clients need it most.

Our event driven team is recognised as market leaders. We provide quick to market detailed independent analysis of corporate events such as mergers, takeovers and restructurings, helping clients, both with or without an event driven background to understand and navigate complex situations. We cover events from inception to execution, guiding our clients every step of the way.

We are established as a trusted trade execution partner for many of the largest and most sophisticated global institutional investors and hedge funds, having developed an operating model which ensures our clients’ best interests always guide our actions. Our independence, deep experience and understanding of the intricacies of equities execution combined with access to the widest spectrum of venues, best in class trading tools and extensive buy-side and sell-side connectivity enable us confidently to meet the highest service level expectations for our clients.

We embrace innovative data analytic tools from a variety of big data sources to provide our clients with genuinely differentiated insights into relevant stock performance, enabling actionable  ideas based on observable fact.

Event Driven

The core focus for the group is US and European merger arbitrage (announced and hard pre-event), and in depth analyses on relative value situations.

We provide independent market leading in–depth analysis of highly complex event-driven situations, involving anti-trust and legislative hurdles, and idiosyncratic risk.

As established specialists in difficult to model situations we consistently provide our clients with differentiated insights to complement their own in-house research. All investors have a need for event driven expertise as soon as catalysts are triggered within their portfolio, be it takeovers, mergers, restructurings or spin offs. Thanks to our unique and unparalleled insight, our team helps clients navigate atypical situations in stocks they may have owned for two hours or for ten years.

The senior members of our transatlantic team have over 20 years’ experience in the Event Driven space.  

Best Execution

From our inception, Olivetree has been consistently recognised as a best in class execution services provider.  We are a trusted execution partner to many of the largest and most sophisticated institutional fund managers in the US and Europe.

We have maintained our focus on high touch execution and our highly experienced trading desk are skilled practitioners with extensive market knowledge in numerous asset classes. We are trusted advisors to our clients, providing insight on execution strategies and micro managing order flow to ensure best execution. Our expertise enables us to readily implement bespoke strategies in “event driven” situations where stock behaviour is hard to model. We are known for our ability to source block-able flow and execute efficiently ensuring minimal market impact.

We employ state of the art trading tools, working with multiple, market leading vendors to ensure we remain algorithmically agnostic. We strive to remain at the forefront of execution technology and are constantly reviewing the algorithmic strategies we utilise to improve our client service.

Our independence and agency only model ensure we are entirely unbiased in our search for liquidity. We have access to the widest spectrum of trading venues and our team impartially and intelligently navigates the fragmented landscape to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

We are specialists in pairs trading, employing a diverse range of strategies across regions and currencies for exacting clients in the long/short and risk arbitrage investment communities.

Innovative Analytics

We provide differentiated and actionable stock analysis by combining unique data driven insight and rigorous fundamental understanding in order to help our clients generate alpha.

With our broad knowledge and experience in numerous asset classes, we are constantly scanning for atypical situations affecting the share price of individual companies. We seek to understand how equity value correlates with capital restructurings, rights issues, share placements, the credit markets, stock loan, implied volatility and director dealings.

We partner with innovative data providers to monitor trends across a wide range of relevant variables including social media from which we are able to generate actionable trade intelligence.


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