Employee Spotlight: CEO of Olivetree Advisors, Bernadette Tyrrell

April 21, 2021

Bernadette Tyrell is the CEO at Olivetree Advisors. Olivetree Advisors is the corporate advisory and capital markets segment at Olivetree. To learn more about this area of the business, visit here.


Bernadette has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets and corporate advisory sectors. Before her position at Olivetree, she was formerly Head of Coverage at Ondra Partners. Previous to this, Bernadette was Head of European Corporate Broking at Morgan Stanley, having joined in 1996 to build out UK and European Equities. 


We interviewed Bernadette as part of the employee spotlight campaign at Olivetree. During the interview, she shares her opinion on opportunities for clients in 2021. Furthermore, Bernadette explores the business learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.   


What kind of equity capital market services do you offer your clients?

We are engaged with our clients on all aspects of their advisory needs, from strategy and transactions to capital market solutions and execution. We are entirely focused on maximising their potential and delivering long term shareholder value.

Can you tell us about your distribution and execution platforms?

Our market leading Event Driven offer is at our core. This, combined with our innovative market data analysis, depth of experience and access to the broadest spectrum of execution partners, provides a significantly differentiated platform for our clients.


What has been your most significant learning over the past year?

No matter how challenged we are or how fluid and evolving the problem is, we are always focused on getting to the right solution for our clients.

And…it has never been more important to over communicate!


How has the pandemic impacted your way of doing business?

It has had a significant impact, in the same way that all “people”businesses have had to adapt and change how they engage. However, there are many positives and key learnings to take away from this challenging time, which will make us all more effective going forward.


What risks and opportunities do you foresee in 2021?

I believe there are significant opportunities for our clients to create, grow and innovate as economies recover and rebuild globally. We are moving into an infinitely more expansive period of engagement now. Having the tools to assess and mitigate risk can only present further opportunity for us and our clients.


Thank you to Bernadette for participating in Olivetree’s first employee spotlight.  

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