Olivetree Financial is a truly unique independent agency broker. Founded in London, we have an exclusively institutional client base, and focus on the execution of Global equities transactions. The firm’s core products are brokerage services founded upon the concept of Evidence Based Finance and upon the analysis of Event Driven situations.

Established in 2009, Olivetree Financial was designed to complement the work our clients already do, while aiding them in remaining abreast of the evolution of regulation within the market. By maintaining an independent and therefore non-conflicted structure we are able to give differentiated, reliable and timely insights into stocks and events.

We have offices in the UK, US and Australia. We specialise in Evidence Based Finance using advanced data and analytics capabilities, bringing out differentiation through our use of innovative technology and our market leading Events team.


Olivetree provides a truly differentiated offering to our clients,
based on three core factors: Evidence Based Finance, Execution, Events.



Embracing innovative and differentiated data and analytics tools to deliver the facts.

Olivetree Financial uses the latest technology platforms to give clients unique insights into the market. This includes OTAS, a market leading tool used extensively by the buy-side, along with other best-in-class analytics systems. The use of such innovative technology truly differentiates our product. It allows our sales and trading teams to master big data, both structured and unstructured, and filter out the noise the rest of the market cannot avoid.



Genuinely independent analysis of complex event-driven situations.

Olivetree provides genuinely independent analysis of complex event-driven situations. We house the market-leading events team that studies opportunities across a range of event-driven scenarios, and also brings in depth analysis of difficult to model situations for clients with or without an event-driven background.



The street’s most sophisticated execution venue.

OTAS TradeShaper provides us with real time trade analysis and management, allowing Olivetree to minimise impact costs and focus on the goals of Best Execution. We use best in class algorithms, have market leading access to private BCN and dark pools, and act as consultants to many clients in keeping abreast of the latest trading technology.


Olivetree stands for four key products:

Evidence Based Finance, Event Driven Research, Most Sophisticated Execution, and OPIUM.



Olivetree Financial embraces innovative and differentiated tools to deliver the facts in a unique and systematic way, producing a range of content, all of which is unique, pertinent, and relevant.

We are more than aware of how much data our clients receive, and the need to highlight moves and levels that are statistically significant, or have historically reliable backtesting. The innovative technology we use allows us to do this, by identifying divergent outliers within the market and individual client’s investment universes. It provides us with clean, normalised data that allows us to separate signal from the rest of the noise the market sees.

We are the people that will tell you when that CDS move is the greatest in five years. Or when the options market is suddenly pricing in much more risk for your stock relative to the rest of the sector. Or when the short base is rapidly growing. Or that directors have begun to buy stock and more importantly when any of the above actually matters. We can tell you if a CEO’s voice showed signs of stress during a conference call, or that news flow sentiment surrounding a company has become more positive. We can use smart news technology to monitor trends in social media ahead of publications in mainstream media.

Be it through our morning observations, in-depth stock reports, or sector and market analysis, Olivetree’s Evidence Based Finance concept is truly unique and differentiated in its nature.



Olivetree’s market leading Event analysis team produces in-depth research of difficult to model situations, enabling clients with or without an Event Driven background to comprehend complex events in their stocks.

Our team provides genuinely independent analysis of the unique dynamics brought about by Corporate Actions. We highlight opportunities across a range of event-driven scenarios, with particular focus on difficult to model situations for clients without an event-driven background.

Our expertise and experience means we have a deep understanding of both the fundamental modeling required in this arena, but also a much broader perspective. The team has equity volatility and credit market specialisms to provide clients with insight on less transparent markets. We have also fostered relationships with independent advisory teams, allowing us access and insight into a multitude of situations. The team also works with innovative data analytics providers to develop innovative tools, bringing new insight into situations with our advanced analytics, such as the OTAS Basket.

All PMs have a need for event driven expertise as soon as catalysts are triggered within their portfolio, be it takeovers, mergers, restructurings or spin offs. Thanks to our unique and unparalleled insight, our team guides clients in navigating atypical situations in stocks they may have owned for two hours or for ten years.



We pride ourselves having the most sophisticated execution tool kit on the Street. We are not just an execution venue, we also act as a consultant to many clients regarding the rapidly changing trading environment. We have cutting edge technology in OTAS TradeShaper, along with market leading execution capabilities.

OTAS TradeShaper is a global real time trading analytics system that is changing the way both we and our clients trade. It provides real-time market microstructure analysis that arms our traders with the same information and insight as high frequency traders. It uses the same sophisticated mathematical models as leading HFTs to extract information from the market and identify significant conditions, and ensures our traders never miss a dislocation and have the information they need to figure out what is really going on and therefore make smarter trading decisions.

We can adapt our trading style by highlighting anomalies created by your interaction with all pools of liquidity, both low and high touch venues. We can determine optimal trading schedules based on predicted market conditions, and then dynamically update this as conditions change.

We take great care in maintaining confidentiality for our clients, ensuring anonymity in accessing liquidity sources, from exchanges to BCN’s to dark pools. We have universal access to best in class dollar and non-dollar algo providers and smart routing. We have access to 95% of all dark pools, provide ‘white label’ routing, and have connectivity to all major OMS and EMS.



OPIUM is the independent analysis of primary and secondary stock placings. Through our independent position, we offer clients guidance in navigating large liquidity events, using a variety of measures and expert knowledge to form our analysis.

We offer clients truly independent analysis of high volume events using historic modelling, impact analysis, and OTAS.

Our differentiated IPO analysis and intelligence provides clients with the guidance they need through these delicate events. Our secondary block placing model uses volume, volatility and OTAS analysis along with expert experience, to provide quick and succinct analysis on every impactful secondary placing in the market.

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We are always keen to attract highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals, who wish to work in an innovative environment that values fresh thinking. We have created a culture of debate, collaboration and thought sharing that provides an energetic and stimulating working experience. We seek talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, that will help foster a dynamic and dedicated team as we continue to grow our global business.

Current vacancies

US Desk Strategist (Senior Associate) Position

Olivetree are specialists. We focus on evidence based finance. We tell clients relevant things that they didn’t already know, about stocks they care in. We are looking for someone to join our product team that embodies this philosophy.

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US Desk Strategist (Senior Associate) Position

  • The role requires extensive involvement in the expansion of our flagship products.
  • It will include generating ideas of investment themes, sector trends and market sentiment, and producing written content on these factors to an excellent standard, in an articulate and efficient way.
  • The role will require you to be self starting, think independently, learn quickly and be hard working.

Technical Spec

  • Ideally 2yrs+ experience within the industry.
  • Good understanding of, and passion for, financial markets.
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills including proficiency in Excel, as well as other Microsoft office applications.
  • Interest in financial technology.
  • Working knowledge of Bloomberg.
  • Willingness to study towards / progress made towards the CFA will be considered a plus.


  • Word or PDF documents only, 2mb maximum file size.
  • Word or PDF documents only, 2mb maximum file size.


At Olivetree we have expectations regarding our performance and how we act with our colleagues. As such we have our Olivetree Standard of Performance below.
  • We will strive to bring to our clients a unique and valuable perspective in every interaction
  • We will not allow ourselves to be mediocre in anything we do
  • We will treat ourselves & each other with respect at all times
  • We will be honest and transparent with each other – top down / bottom up
  • We will work tirelessly to build relationships with our clients that last a life time
  • We will introduce our clients to as many of our colleagues as possible
  • We will self regulate – nobody is above being questioned
  • We will share knowledge
  • We will embrace new ideas and change
  • We will give 100% effort to what we do
  • We will constantly try to better ourselves with education and training
  • We will care about new “Olives“ welcoming and helping them
  • We will make decisions that sustain years not days
  • We will embrace failure and learn from it
  • We will be patient and compassionate with ourselves and colleagues
  • We will protect the reputation of the firm at all times
  • We will celebrate our successes as a team with passion
  • We will prioritise our health and families and support each other to achieve this



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